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…donate time to the sailing community?

I’ve fulfilled multiple requests to teach seminars for no personal gain about caring for and repairing canvas to sailors over the last several years.  I’m excited to be teaching two seminars at the upcoming San Francisco Boat Show in January.

…attend industry conferences?

A great way to stay abreast of new technology and techniques is to meet with others in the industry.  At the Industrial Fabricators Association International Expo this last year, I learned about lots of new assembly techniques and a few really interesting new fasteners out on the market.  We’re implementing these in our dodgers now […]

…have a recycling program?

Pacific Crest Canvas strives to minimize our impact on the environment by implementing an industry-leading recycling program.  How do we know it is industry leading?  Sunbrella contacted us and thanked our business for being one of the handfull of manufacturers that participate in the Recycle My Sunbrella program.  We ship over 50 pounds a month […]