…have a recycling program?

Perseus and Medusa, Greek Hero action figures.

Perseus and Medusa, Greek Hero action figures.

Pacific Crest Canvas strives to minimize our impact on the environment by implementing an industry-leading recycling program.  How do we know it is industry leading?  Sunbrella contacted us and thanked our business for being one of the handfull of manufacturers that participate in the Recycle My Sunbrella program.  We ship over 50 pounds a month of scrap canvas to Sunbrella for processing into recycled materials such as their Renaissance line of fabrics.

Also, while most canvas businesses utilize a dumpster for all their refuse, including cardboard boxes and tubing, Pacific Crest Canvas sorts and recycles everything we can.  We are continually amazed at the amount of cardboard we collect from fabric roll tubing to shipping boxes, to the paper that protects our vinyl window material when it is shipped.  We also amass quite a bit of Lexan scraps from fabricating our Dodger windows, and this is recyclable as well!  While our landlord provides a large communal dumpster for all on-site businesses here in the Alaska Packer building, we are the only tenant to contact our local refuse collection agency and sign up for a commercial recycling bin.
When time allows, our seamstresses use scrap material to make reusable grocery bags or collapsable dog bowls from scrap material.  The grocery bags are sold below cost, and the dog bowls are given away free to any dog to visit the shop.
But before ANY of this material is recycled, we offer it for free to passers-by and craigslisters.  Here’s a couple recent notes from a teacher who collects materials from us for her class:
A drum made from scrap canvas and recycled cardboard tube

A drum and shaker made from scrap material and cardboard tubes

This is Perseus and Medusa, Greek Hero action figures.  There is a whole bunch of Greek action figures in my room.
— made with only the very best canvas, of course.


Just wanted you to know the kids are having fun with the stuff that I collect from outside your shop.  Here is the latest, a drum and a shaker.


And for some extra donation change, we collect CRV containers from employees.  This money goes toward our many charitable donations.
We are also in the process of becoming a California Green Business through a 67-point program.
An artist's travel folio made from canvas scraps.

An artist’s travel folio made from canvas scraps.

Play Structure top

A customer-fabricated play structure canvas top from our scrap bins.